Web Designer Marjolein Vos

From my beginnings in publishing on ebay, then I started to make publications on request for aliexpress and as the next working on my first projects and making HTML web pages in the beginning the pages were not the same as those of now, over time I managed to perfect myself, aim to, but I always liked to present in the most stylized way possible my work , over the years I have acquired horizontal knowledge of the good practices of CSS3 and Javascript, where my professional interests are to provide pages that present functions in Front End and Back End so that applying different methodologies all endpoints are underlying solutions for projects that handle the present challenges.

I love working at Hexome because they are organized, have taught me the value of teamwork and the importance of advancing together in all the challenges that are presented, with Hexome we have achieved many goals over time, develop systems in a very professional way and position ourselves as the most ironic option within the matter of system development.

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