IaC Manage and supervise Brian Gomez

From my beginnings in the team we started working with a 386 machine as a server together with Juan Manuel, our interests ran back then to experience new solutions that we could apply to our personal projects, as we spent time we changed the equipment, preparing new applications and adapting to all the changes dynamically, although at first it was not all with resources as we expected we did not imagine that we would go that far , we started working with local servers on php4, everything was really different, I think the changes, the arrival of php5.3 was interesting and we are currently working on different projects in applications that operate in php7.4.

Since before the start of the team we showed ourselves as fearless about new things, always adapting and learning on the fly quickly, although a lot of information did not exist the experience and passion for work and computing has allowed us to generate a more professional environment.

I am part of the hexome team where I audit all the code improvements applied in IaC so that all your projects are tested and adding new functionalities to the site and / or business when you require it.

I personally like to work at Hexome and am an admirer of our team's work because it overdoes it comes out of the heap, always showing the best of himself and showing others that Hexome can achieve goals in a timely way.

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